My Top 5 Small Investment Ideas

Small Investment IdeasYou’re not a millionaire, but you want to be. You don’t have a ton of cash to invest in a sure-fire concept that will have you living on a beach in Maui within the year. However, you do have a little bit of money that you think you could put to good use and earn an income until you hit the big time. Where do you invest this money? Are there any small investment ideas that actually work?

The answer is definitely yes. Not all millionaires and billionaires started out with bankrolls the size of Texas. Some of them actually began with meager funds and used their skills and smarts to increase their incomes and, as a result, their standards of living.

Small Investment Ideas That Don’t Pay Off:

Before we look at some of the best small investment ideas, let’s get the ones you shouldn’t even consider out of the way. These ideas are just plain bad.

  • Drugs. Yeah, you might make a lot of money, but you’ll regret it eventually. Prison just isn’t worth it no matter what your dealer tells you.
  • Organ transplants. You only have so many that you can sell without needing them back. Unless your grandma needs your kidney, stay out of the operating room.
  • Helping a Nigerian ambassador cash his inheritance check. Trust us. There is no Nigerian ambassador.

Small Investment Ideas that Actually Work:

Now that you know what to stay away from, you can move on to ideas that might actually have a chance of improving your lifestyle. Keep in mind that none of these ideas are guaranteed to succeed, but you won’t lose much money by giving them a shot either.

  1. Stocks. This is the number one idea that comes to mind whenever someone mentions the word “investment”. You might think you have to have a sizeable bankroll to trade stocks and bonds, but it’s just not true. There are many stocks you can purchase at a reasonable price and you don’t even have to know much about the stock market because usually, you will go through a broker to help you make your trades. Just be aware that this investment can have huge risks. Don’t become addicted to day trading because it might cost you more than you can afford. Make sure you use credible tools and advice to minimize your risks.
  2. Small Investment IdeasStart a business that requires minimal or no initial financial investment. Believe it or not, you can strike out on your own without a lot of investment capital. The Internet provides anyone with a laptop and broadband service to instantly become an entrepreneur.  You could turn into a wedding planner, virtual assistant, tutor, consultant or blogger basically overnight. You will need to invest in some good business tools for whichever industry you choose, but other than that, you really don’t need money to kick off your new career.
  3. Save soda cans. Now, wait a minute, don’t stop reading. I’m serious. There’s good money in metals these days, including aluminum. Not only that, but many people are more than willing to give you their scrap metal if you just come get it. Of course, prices for metals vary, but if you can get a bunch together, it really adds up. Use this article to help you get started. And by recycling metals, you are helping the environment too. Way to go, Tree Hugger!
  4. Make something and sell it. Craft fairs, online auctions, local boutiques and your neighbors all love handmade items. No, not the crappy ashtray you made in your 3rd grade art class, although we’re sure your mom loved it. We’re talking useful items that you can’t just run down to Wal-Mart and buy. People love unique items and they will pay a premium for them. Plus, you might be willing to make something that other people just don’t have time for. For instance, who would have thought that garbage could be turned into musical instruments? Well, somebody did and now it’s making a lot of people who couldn’t afford them otherwise very happy. Of course, you probably won’t just give your product away, but with effective marketing techniques, your idea for paper Mache shoes might just be the next Crocs.
  5. Collect something valuable. This small investment idea might take a little more start-up cash, depending on what you choose to collect. However, many people have struck it rich by selling parts of a collection they’ve been keeping since they were kids. While you probably don’t have a secret stash of Picassos in your attic that will pay off immediately, but you can start collecting something that will provide you with some extra cash in the future. Examples of these collectibles are coins, stamps, cars, comic books, baseball cards and books. Just watch Pawn Stars on television and you’ll see just how much your stuff could be worth.

Using one or more of these small investment ideas might or might not change your life, but until you try, you just never know. The risk is small and the potential reward is that beach on Maui. Take a leap of faith and start investing today.

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  1. says

    Re: collecting metal. There are a group of guys who drive around my neighborhood on recycling nights and pick up big metal furniture and appliances (air conditioners and what not). They sell them as scrap metal and make pretty decent money doing so. I was impressed by their hustle.

    • says

      I’ve got those SAME guys driving around my neighborhood doing the same thing! Old fans, old sinks, etc. They’ll take anything if they think they can get a buck for it! I can’t imagine that adds up to too much extra cash. And it probably doesn’t have good health benefits….

  2. says

    The e-mails I get are usually from Nigerian royalty…I guess they change it up sometimes! I know someone in the scrap metal business and he is apparently doing well. I had no idea. P.S: I always liked the word “debauchery”


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