How Does It Feel to be Rich? Just Ask My Dog – He Knows!

How Does It Feel to be RichThere are lots of everyday lessons in life that teach us about the importance of money and personal finance.

Most of those lessons in money usually revolve around humbling experiences or situations where a little bit of planning would have gone a long, long ways.  Almost always we come to understand that the feeling of being rich has less to do with how many material processions you own and more to do with your state of mind.

But if truly wanted to know how does it feel to be rich, just ask my dog!  He knows all about wealth.


Learning About Wealth From Man’s Best Friend:

I’ve always considered myself to be a cat person.

I never had a dog until my adult life.  And now that I have, I can’t imagine life without him.

I’ve got to admit: They are some of the most wonderful creatures you can have ever have.  I can easily see why they earn the title of man’s best friend.

We are not so different dogs and us.  When you peel away our day to day complications and drama of human life, we simply deep down inside we really just want the same basic things they do:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Love

Not only can we learn something from this example about being rich, but we can also learn a thing or two about improving the quality of our lives.

Here’s what I have learned from my dog.


How Does It Feel to be Rich?  Lessons From My Dog:

  1. We all need love and affection.  Dogs will follow you around until the end of the world if it means you’re going to pet their head and scratch their belly.  Even if you were the most wealthy person in the world, you’d have nothing if you didn’t have someone to share it with.
  2. Few things are better than napping in the sun.  Nothing is as rich to a dog as that one warm streak of sunlight where they can rest for the afternoon in warmth.  We could all enjoy life’s little treasures a little more.
  3. I’ve never been so happy to see you.  Every time my dog sees me it is like the first time he has ever seen me – and he loves it!  If you’d like to enrich your relationships with others, don’t lose your enthusiasm for them.
  4. I can’t understand a word you’re saying, but I love it when you talk to me.  Dogs don’t care what you say to them.  They’re just happen that you’re in their company.  It’s not so much what people have to talk to you about.  It’s the fact they want to talk to you.
  5. Never take anything that’s in my mouth.  A dog will growl at anyone who tries to take what he is chewing on or has in his mouth.  Why?  Because he earned it!  We could all stand to do a little more “growling” if we want to keep more of our wealth and let less people take it away from us.
  6. How Does It Feel to be RichThere’s nothing I want more than to go on a walk with you.  Every weekend my dog wakes up with me and paces by the door until it’s time to go for his walk.  Feeling rich is also about being healthy.  Make sure you work that into your lives in some way every day.
  7. Filling my food bowl is the best thing that happens all day.  Dogs love food, and so should you.  Even though it’s one of life’s basic necessities, a good meal can also be one of the greatest pleasures you ever indulge in.
  8. Persistence always pays off.  A dog will never give up.  They will push on you with their snout, bark, or scratch to get your attention.  The path to wealth is very similar.  Sometimes you’ve got to speak up if you want to get the attention you deserve.
  9. You’ve just got to chase something.  Dogs will chase a stick, a cat, a car, whatever.  They don’t step down from a fight.  Part of actually becoming rich is to go after what you want.  Make your own magic.
  10. Loyalty is everything.    No one knows this rule better than your dog.  If he doesn’t give his master his full loyalty, he won’t have a place to eat, sleep, or play.  Human life works the same way.  Unless you are a hermit, you work and interact with others all day.  And if we are loyal to the right people, they could actually help improve your finances as well as improve your well being.  You’ll never know how does it feel to be rich if you don’t help someone else achieve what you want as well.  What comes around goes around in life.


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  1. says

    I love this post! I always thought my dogs had it made. They spend all day napping, playing, and hanging out in the sun beams that come through the windows. Or digging around in the yard. They get treats, affection, and love, and don’t have anything to worry about!

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