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How Much Is Gold Worth? More Than What a Dealer Will Give You!

When people are desperate are for money, the vultures will be there to prey upon them! If your town is anything like mine, then you’ve probably got a whole bunch of those shady “We Buy Gold” stores popping up all over the place.  Why the increase?  Because there is a growing number of people who are smart enough to take away the precious metal from those who are not smart enough to realize how much their gold is really worth. Earlier this year gold peaked at $1,794 per troy ounce after years of going up, up, up.  Even though its value has fallen back down ever since the economy has … Continue Reading

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Tips for Saving for Retirement at 30 with Total Success!

Are you age 30 and already thinking about retirement? Good for you! According to the United States Department of Labor, less than half of all Americans have even calculated how much they are going to need to retire with their current lifestyle. The truth is that Americans spend an average of 20 years in retirement, which means if you are 30, you have only lived 10 years longer than the average time people spend not working. And for probably 15 of those years, you didn’t work either. So, you have only worked for about 15 years, meaning you have about 25 years more to go before you … Continue Reading

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I Don’t Have Time to Wait to Get Rich! Short Term Investment Options for Impatient People

Patience may be a virtue, but impatience makes things happen. Sure, you could put your money in a 401k and wait 30 years for it to mature so you can get your money. You could even buy up some conservative bonds and let the market do its thing. But how long are you willing to wait?  It’s going to be decades before you see a decent return on your investments. So if you want money now, then you need to consider some relatively short term investment options that pay off more quickly. But what are they?   Short Term Investment Options Do Not Have to be Risky: If you read any … Continue Reading

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How Does It Feel to be Rich? Just Ask My Dog – He Knows!

There are lots of everyday lessons in life that teach us about the importance of money and personal finance. Most of those lessons in money usually revolve around humbling experiences or situations where a little bit of planning would have gone a long, long ways.  Almost always we come to understand that the feeling of being rich has less to do with how many material processions you own and more to do with your state of mind. But if truly wanted to know how does it feel to be rich, just ask my dog!  He knows all about wealth.   Learning About Wealth From Man's Best Friend: I’ve … Continue Reading

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How to Make More than Enough Money Just to Get By

If you are making enough money just to get by, you deserve more. Living paycheck to paycheck is nobody’s dream, but unfortunately, more people are in this position than you would think. No, it’s not just you who is scrounging around for change in your couch cushions a couple days before payday. These days, everything seems to cost more but salaries have largely stayed the same or even gone down, meaning your paycheck is definitely not going as far as it once seemed to. Ask an expert what to do to make more money and you’ll hear, “Get a better-paying job”. Oh, sure. Easy for him to say. … Continue Reading


Screw You Chase Bank ATMs! Why Do You Never Work?

This is a rant. There is nothing special you’re going to learn here.  Your life won’t be any better.  I’m just going to complain. I’m going to raise my pitch-fork in agony and tell you the tale of how Chase Bank ATMs did me wrong!   How It All Started: It was ordinary morning just like any other. I had money to deposit and I decided to go to my local Chase ATM machine.  When I pulled up to the drive-through port, I inserted my card and waited.   The machine promptly came back with a message that read “This machine is unable to handle transactions at this time”. That’s too … Continue Reading


Alternatives to Cable and Other Good Ways to Waste Your Time

The following article was written by Finance For Yuppies.  Finance for Yuppies is a website dedicated to providing sophisticated financial advice to young professionals. Television is the devil itself and the greatest thing ever. Nothing in the world can put you in a trance like TV. Conversely, it is the only activity I am aware of that has little to no redeeming value. Despite this fact, I watch TV and until recently, I was subject to the arbitrary monopolistic pricing of the cable companies. The average cable bill in 2012 was $86 according to the LA Times.  About 5 months ago I cut the … Continue Reading


The Cost of Being You: How to Determine Your Retirement Goals

Do you want to go to your job forever? Do you want to always be under the control of "the Man"? I didn't think so ... Retirement is a common goal in the workforce, but a universal answer about how much is needed to retire comfortably can be tough to find. Lifestyle, commitments, health and personal choice all conspire to make a consensus impossible. Fortunately, while it may be difficult to find an easy answer, finding the one that applies to you can be pretty straightforward. It’s all about finding the cost of being you. What does that mean? Well, most people retain the same … Continue Reading


Proven Tactics for Breaking Bad Spending Habits

Do you feel like you never have enough money at the end of the month? Do you have a hard time paying your bills each month and still have money left over to spend? We all stink a little bit at handling our own money from time to time.  Some of us more than others ... Maybe its time to take control of your finances once and for all. This will involve breaking some of those bad spending habits that you may have that prevents you from meeting your financial goals. However, it may not be as easy as you think to break these spending habits, especially if you have been doing the same things for … Continue Reading

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Steps to Take if You Lose Your Job

Don't freak out ... It's not the end of the world. With major companies, such as Toyota, Electrolux, Caterpillar, and McCain Foods, all recently announcing that they are downsizing or closing plants, more and more families are dealing with the effects of unemployment. If you have recently lost your job, it can be a scary time that may have you worried about your financial stability. While you may have some savings put away, you will still worry about how long it will last. There are some steps you can take now to secure you future and current financial obligations while you are … Continue Reading