Invest Your Way Out of the Rat Race – 5 Tips to Get You Started

rat race

The rat race grinds you down, doesn’t it? When do you ever get to actually enjoy any of the money you make.  You work 40 to 60 hours per week for money that just sometimes feels like it just goes to the bank, the taxman, your internet company, and the petrol companies. If you’re smart about your money, then you know that there are certain things you should be doing with it.  Having certain goals like saving for retirement or an emergency fund can be your safety net if anything should go wrong. Here are 5 tips to get you started with investing your way out of the rat race.   You can … [Read more...]

Are You Addicted to Credit? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

addicted to Credit

Credit in and of itself is not a bad thing. A good credit history can help you get great interest rates on a car or mortgage.  Credit can give you access to things you might not ever otherwise purchase such as new household appliances, carpet, or renovations inside your home.  It can honestly be a part of any well-disciplined savings and financial plan. The problem is that it never ends there.  People abuse their credit and get themselves into all kinds of trouble.  If you don't think so, just ask one of the millions of college students who's managed to rack up debt before they've even … [Read more...]

What to Look for in Kids’ Savings Accounts

Kids’ Savings Accounts

Parents already know that one of their responsibilities in life is to teach their kids about money and how to save it so they don’t have to rely on credit when they need something in the future. In most families, kids have their first piggy banks by the time they are old enough to walk. At first, maybe you put in the money they get for their birthday or the holidays, but after a while, your child begins to understand that money is important and starts doing it himself. Before long, your child will come to you with a full piggy bank. The time has come to teach him about kids’ savings … [Read more...]

The BIG Advantages of a Solo 401k Retirement Plan for the Self-Employed

Solo 401k

When you're self-employed, you can feel like you're all on your own.  For everything. Fortunately when it comes to your retirement savings, there's a little known savings device for the self employed that is far more beneficial than a traditional 401k plan.  It's called a solo 401k retirement plan. A Solo 401k is the term for a one-participant 401k plan that is designed for sole proprietors, independent consultants and small business owners with no employees other than the owner and his or her spouse. Any business that is classified as an LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership or … [Read more...]

Pay Attention to the Self-Directed IRA Rules to Avoid IRS Problems

Self-Directed IRA Rules

No one wants to draw the ire of the Internal Revenue Service. It just isn’t a pleasing prospect to have to deal with the IRS if you’ve done something wrong. For this reason, if you have a self-directed IRA, it is necessary to know the self-directed IRA rules, which are different from the rules relating to other types of investment accounts. Traditional IRAs are accounts that allow contributions from the account holder with the purpose of saving for retirement. The decision on where to invest these funds are made by banks and brokerage firms or by the mutual funds chosen by the account … [Read more...]

Where to Invest 100k Like a Big-Time Billionaire

Where to Invest 100k

People who make billions of dollars are usually risk takers. They usually can’t wait to get out of school and get started living life. In fact, many billionaires choose to drop out of school, betting on themselves rather than an education. They also are more willing than others to gamble their life savings, again believing in their ability to generate wealth. And if they fail, they are more likely to do it all over again as soon as they can. However, once they make their billions, their willingness to take risks usually dissipates quite a bit. They are more concerned with investing their … [Read more...]

When Should I Retire?  How About When You Want To!

When Should I Retire

Deciding when to retire is a major event in most people’s lives. There are all sorts of questions related to when should I retire that is can become a giant jigsaw puzzle that has a hundred different solutions. You have to determine whether or not you have enough money to retire by estimating how much money you are going to spend in retirement. Then, you have to consider all income sources that will be providing you with income after you retire. If the numbers add up in a way that makes you feel like you could live comfortably without working, then you have your answer. If, however, they … [Read more...]

Stock Valuation Methods and How to Invest Intelligently

Stock Valuation Methods

In case you are new to investing in stocks, you might not know what stock valuation is, much less which stock valuation methods you should use as part of your investment toolbox. At the very basic level, stock valuation is a method of calculating values of stocks. You are trying to figure out what individual stocks are worth before you invest in them. Yep, that’s it. Even though the definition of stock valuation is fairly straightforward, the actual process is critically important to investors. You need to employ various stock valuation methods to help predict future market prices. As … [Read more...]

Qatar Proving to be Major Business Hub


The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region encompasses 15 countries and a population of more than 226 million. The area is one of significant cultural and economic diversity. In terms of business opportunities, the Middle East is essentially the point at which Asia, Africa and Europe meet in a trade crossroad, which opens many doors for operations. The Middle East and North Africa boasts an abundance of gas and oil reserves, making the area an important source of energy. Despite this however, MENA governments are striving to open up their economic capabilities to new markets and … [Read more...]

Picking the Best Retirement Income Strategies for a Stable Future

Retirement Income Strategies

Stress is created by not knowing what the future holds. Even if it’s just walking into a situation you know nothing about, you are bound to experience some level of stress. Usually, this stress is manageable because most situations aren’t life changing. However, when it comes to your retirement planning, not knowing what is going to happen can make the stress unbearable. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to know absolutely for sure what your golden years are going to look like in terms of income, which can cause an immense amount of stress the closer you get to retirement age. However, if you … [Read more...]