What in the World Are Forex Trading Systems?

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Forex... When people hear that word, they probably think to themselves "what the hell is that?" Forex trading systems (the common name for foreign exchange) are simply the exchange of one currency for another. For example: When you go to Cancun for that "recreational" vacation, you of course trade your U.S. dollars for Mexican pesos. In reality what you've done is sell your U.S. dollars and buy Mexican pesos.  Thus, you are buying the USD/MXN currency pair.  This happens whenever you travel internationally and exchange money.  Essentially you have traded in the forex market. As a … [Read more...]

What to Look for in Kids’ Savings Accounts

Kids’ Savings Accounts

Parents already know that one of their responsibilities in life is to teach their kids about money and how to save it so they don’t have to rely on credit when they need something in the future. In most families, kids have their first piggy banks by the time they are old enough to walk. At first, maybe you put in the money they get for their birthday or the holidays into one of the many cool coin counters that keeps track of how much you've saved.  But after a while, your child begins to understand that money is important and starts doing it himself. Before long, your child will come to … [Read more...]

Where to Turn When You Need Help with Money

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Okay, so you’re broke. Join the club. With all the layoffs, health insurance mandates, hour cuts and price increases on basic necessities, a dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to anymore. Even though you feel like you are swimming with your head just above the deep end of the pool, you need to know that you aren’t alone. A lot of people need help with money these days, but possible solutions aren’t as easy to come by. Right now, dozens of talking heads on various economic television programs and in articles like this one are arguing about whether the country is still in a recession or … [Read more...]

Living on a Budget Doesn’t Have to Stink – Tips for Success

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I read it all the time: “I hate budgeting”.  “Budgeting is hard.”  “Budgeting is boring.”  Blahhhh Do you want to know the real problem with living on a budget is?  It’s the way we perceive them.  Handling your finances is not a chore you can loathe like doing laundry or the dishes.  Think of it more like a healthy diet.  A budget is something that if you don’t make it a part of your lifestyle, the problem with your finances will just build, build, and build until you’ve got one ugly money mess on your hands. That’s not what I want for you.  You’re beautiful and better than that.  … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Small Investment Ideas

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You’re not a millionaire, but you want to be. You don’t have a ton of cash to invest in a sure-fire concept that will have you living on a beach in Maui within the year. However, you do have a little bit of money that you think you could put to good use and earn an income until you hit the big time. Where do you invest this money? Are there any small investment ideas that actually work? The answer is definitely yes. Not all millionaires and billionaires started out with bankrolls the size of Texas. Some of them actually began with meager funds and used their skills and smarts to increase … [Read more...]

The 72 Month Auto Loan – A Great Way to Pay More For a Car Than You Should!

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When we go to buy a new vehicle, we always try to get the best deal we can possibly get.  We go from lot to lot.  We check a thousand websites.  We even negotiate with the car salesmen like we’re in a James Bond movie.  So after all that effort to make ourselves feel like we’ve saved a bunch of money, what’s one final way the car dealerships can “get you”?  How about financing it with a 72 month auto loan and paying a lot more for it than we should! Among the myriad of things that could possibly go wrong when you go to buy a new or used automobile, one of the big things you’ll have to watch … [Read more...]

Great Investing Advice from Someone Other Than Your Brother-In-Law

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Are you tired of listening to your brother-in-law or uncle’s investing advice, especially when it usually involves the words, “first, call your bookie”? If your answer is yes and you’re finally ready to get serious about your investments, then you need to seek out professional advice so you might stand a chance at actually making some money for once. Everyone thinks he knows how to get you to the top of the financial mountain, but if that were true, why isn’t he there himself? You need to find people who have had success with investments and learn how they did it. While you aren’t … [Read more...]

Can I Skip My Monthly Insurance Contribution?

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A private health insurance policy can supplement your standard Medicare coverage by offering a wider range of treatment options as well as easier access to specialist services. However, these policies can carry substantial required monthly contributions which can put a strain on limited budgets. Many Australian families face the challenge of balancing their needs with their income, and with day-to-day expenses always a factor, it is not always possible to address every financial obligation in a given month. A private insurance policy can be valuable, particularly for those with hazardous … [Read more...]

I Need Help Paying My Bills – What Can I Do to Bail Myself Out?

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When I open up my inbox every morning, I almost always see an email with the title, “I need help paying my bills”. With the current state of the economy, more and more people are feeling the pinch of increased prices at the grocery and department stores, while their salaries have not changed. Almost everyone has needed financial assistance at some point in their lives, whether it was from parents, a bank, the government or otherwise. If you’ve sent me an email asking for help with bills here are some resources that you should check out.   Tell Your Parents: I Need Help Paying My … [Read more...]